Plan and Create Personnel Budget

Note: To create budget, you must have the access rights to manage resources and at least the access rights to read one more activities and participants in order to assign entries to them, and the current plan version must be in Edit mode. (see 'Roles, access levels, and access rights' and 'Manage project plan versions'). 

Tip: It is recommendable to create activities and participants before creating a personnel budget (create link once docs are finished)

If you would like to create non-rate-based budget, then see our Plan and Create Budget article. 

Tip: To plan personnel budget without effort (not rate-based personnel budget), create a new cost category e.g. Personnel Costs with the typ Fix at Settings Customization.

To plan a personnel budget one must: 


First go to the Resources section and click on the Budget tab. Select +Add Budget at the bottom left. 


A sidebar will appear once you have selected +Add Budget. Select the Activity, select a Participant, then select a Cost Category of the type of personnel, and finally select the Cost Rate. Once you have selected a cost rate, another input field 'PM' appears right from the 'Cost' field at the top of the sidebar. 

Tip: The default rate (that is preselected) can be set in the Financial Profile of the Participant (see Create and Manage Personnel Cost Rates)
Note: There may be more than one personnel cost categories in the Cost Category as defined under Customization .

  • Activit- Select the activity e.g. work package or task the budget is scheduled for (only one activity can be selected; budget on several activities must be split in several budget entries)
  • Participant - Select the participant the budget is planned for 
  • Cost Category - Select a Personnel costs category (type 'Rate')

    Note: Cost categories can be customised and configured under Settings > Customization. There are 2 types of cost categories: fix amounts ( Fix) and rate-based amounts ( Rate) costs. Rate-based are e.g. personnel costs and depend on the quantity and rate, whereas the fixed amounts costs are fix costs for good or services. 
  • Indirect Cost Rate - Once both, cost category and participant are selected, the indirect cost rate is auto-selected. Indirect Cost Rate depends on the selected cost category and participant (managed in the Financial Profile of the participant).
  • Cost Rate: Select the correct rate. Depending on whether a cost category of the type Rate is selected, the rates in the Participant's Financial Profile are made available for selection. 
  • Note: If this sign comes up in the Cost Rate section, then this means that the participant that you have chosen does not have a cost rate created. Click the 'create a cost rate', to create a cost rate for the participant. (see Create and Manage Personnel Cost Rates) The current plan version must be selected and active.

  • Description - Enter a budget description
  • Set Period - Define a fixed time range within the activity duration in which the budget is planned; by default the budget is assumed to be spent evenly over the activity duration (optional) 

    Tip: The Set Period is optional. However, if you would like to specify a particular period within the activity duration, then activate Set Period and define the start and end month.

  • Tags - Classify and label the budget with tags (optional, see Using Tags)

You will then be able to enter the budget's amount by either adjusting the Cost (€) or the Time Effort (Person Month). The unit can also be changed from Person-month to Person Day or Person Hour by clicking the arrow next to PM at the top. Remember to enter a Description, as this is mandatory. Once you have finished, click Save Resource.

Note: The Cost (€) or Person Month automatically update when data from one or the other is plugged in 

  • Person Month - The metric for the time (effort) that the key personnel of an organisation devotes to a specific project in a monthly rate
  • Person Day - The metric for the time (effort) that the key personnel of an organisation devotes to a specific project in a daily rate
  • Person Hour - The metric for the time (effort) that the key personnel of an organisation devotes to a specific project in a hourly rate
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