Plan and create budget items



Follow the instructions below on how to create a budget entry. 


Click Resources in Home menu, this will open the "Resources" section.


Click the "Budget" tab and then click + Add Budget at the bottom.


This will open a sidebar, where you can create the new budget entry:

  • Cost (€): Enter the amount of planned costs
  • Activity: Select the activity for which you plan the budget
  • Participant: Select the participant where the costs will be incurred
  • Cost Category: Select a cost category of the type "Fix"
    Note: Cost categories can be customised and configured under the Customisation settings. There are 2 types of cost categories: fix amounts (Fix) and rate-based amounts (Rate) costs. Rate-based are e.g. personnel costs and depend on the quantity and rate, whereas the fixed amounts costs are fix costs for goods and services.
    Note: If you would like to create rate-based personnel budget, then read "Plan and create personnel budget".
  • Indirect Cost Rate: Once both – cost category and participant are selected, the indirect cost rate is auto-selected. Indirect cost rate depends on the selected cost category and participant (it's managed in a the Financial Profile of the participant)
  • Description (optional): Enter a short description regarding the budget entry
  • Set Period (optional): Define a fixed time range within the activity duration in which the budget is planned; by default the budget is assumed to be spent evenly over the activity duration
  • Tip: Setting period is optional. However, if you would like to specify a particular period within the activity duration, then activate Set Period and define the start and end month.

  • Tags (optional): Classify and label the budget with tags.

Once you have completed filing out all the information, click Save Budget.

Note: Activity, participant, and cost category must be defined for each budget item, otherwise the budget item is considered as unassigned. Unassigned entries are listed in a separated table in the end of the "Budget" tab and are not accounted in the budget.

Note: Read here how to delete budget entries.

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