Create and manage personnel cost rates

Personnel cost rates (labour or staff cost rates) are managed at each participant in the "Participants" section. For a participant you can create as many personnel cost rates as needed. Rates can be average personnel cost rates for budgeting or actual work level / person-specific rates (e.g. Project Manager Rate or Salary of Mark Johansen). 

Note: To create or manage personnel cost rates you must have the access rights to edit the participant and the current plan version must be in Edit mode (see "Roles, access levels, and access rights" and "Manage project plan versions").

Creating personnel cost rates


First, go to Participants and select a participant that you wish to edit (by clicking on it once or by clicking the edit icon).


A sidebar for this participant will appear, select the "Financial Profile" tab.  


Click +Add Personnel Cost Rate at the bottom of the sidebar. 


A further sidebar appears where you can create the personnel cost rate:

  • Personnel Cost Rate: Click the blue placeholder and type in the rate.
  • Name: Type a name, e.g. "PostDoc Student Salary" or "Mark Johanson".
  • Unit: Define the unit, Person Month, Person Day or Person Hour.
  • Description (optional): Type a description .
  • Hours a day and Days a month: Set the work hours a day and work days a month. The annual and monthly productive hours are instantly displayed.
Tip: To create and report personnel expenses (effort) without budgeting/recording personnel costs, create a personnel cost rate of 0€/PM with the participant, and use this rate to create budget or expenses.  

Click Save Cost Rate in the bottom right corner.

Tip: You can hide the participant's personnel cost rates from other users by enabling the "Hide personnel cost rate" toggle. When the toggle is ON, the personnel cost rates will no longer be visible to users with read access rights. To turn the toggle ON/OFF, you must have edit or higher rights to the Participant.

Updating existing personnel cost rates 


Similarly to creating personnel cost rates, you must first go to the "Participants" section and click on a participant that you would like to edit to pull up the sidebar. Then click on the "Financial Profile" tab.


Then hover over the personnel cost rate that you wish to edit and click on the "Edit" icon.  

Tip: You can create a preselected cost rate by choosing a default option. You can make a personnel cost rate as your default by clicking the star next to the personnel:


The Personnel Cost Rate opens in a separate sidebar where you can make the necessary adjustments: 

  • Personnel Cost Rate: Click the current rate in blue and update the rate.
  • Name: Update the name, e.g. "PostDoc Student Salary" or "Mark Johanson".  
  • Unit: Choose the unit, Person Month, Person Day or Person Hour.
  • Description (optional): Update the description.
  • Hours a day and Days a month: Update the work hours a day and work days a month.

Click Save Cost Rate in the bottom right corner to save your changes.

Tip: If you have changed the rate itself, "hours a day" or "days a month" of a personnel cost rate that has already been used to create budget or expenses, you will receive the following message listing the affected entries with the option to update either the each entries' costs or effort of labour based on the new rate settings. Hover over an affected entry and click the "Edit" icon to open and update the entry in the sidebar:

Note: Read here how to duplicate and delete personnel cost rates.
Note: Read here how to set and edit indirect cost rates.
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