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Find your way around and learn where to start.

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Learn about fundamentals and settings.

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Access, Users & Groups

Manage users and groups, and set their roles and access rights.

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Account Settings

Manage your account, settings and preferences.

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Work plan

Create projects and work plans and work with activities, deliverables and milestones.

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Map and mange project participants, teams to individuals with financial profiles.

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Manage budget and resources. Report and track expenses.

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Document Manager

Store and share project documents, and organize them in folders.

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Learn how to create and work together on EMDocs documents.

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Learn how to use discussions, attachments, groups and mailing lists.

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Video Calls & Online Conferencing

See how to start, join and manage video calls & meetings

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Settings & Customization

Configure project settings and customize structure.

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Plan & Invoicing

Manage subscription and invoices.

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FAQs & Issue Resolution

Browse FAQs and get help on issues.

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