Financial profile of a participant

Before planning budgets or recording expenses for personnel, you will need to set their financial profiles (namely, define for each participant personnel and indirect cost rates).  

Note: To manage the financial profile of a participant, you must have Edit access rights to the participant and the current plan version must be in Edit mode (see "Roles, access levels, and access rights" and "Manage project plan versions").

Follow the instructions below on how to manage the financial profile of a participant.


First, go to Participants and select a participant that you wish to set a financial profile with (by clicking on it once or by clicking the "Edit" icon).


A sidebar for this participant will appear, select the "Financial Profile" tab.


In the "Financial Profile" tab, you can set one or many different personnel and indirect cost rates. It could be one average cost rate, or specific rates for various collaborators.

Note: Read here how to set and edit indirect cost rates and how to set and edit personnel cost rates.
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