About time tracking

EMDESK allows users to record and track their time spent on activities like Projects, work packages and tasks planned in the Workplan using timesheets. To access your timesheet or one of a specific user, click the "Resources" section in Home menu and go to the "Time" tab. 


The time tracking view is organized in a table format, featuring columns that depict activities planned in the Work plan section, including their actual start and end dates. Depending on the selected view, the table shows week days in the week view, calendar days in the month view, and calendar months in the annual view, all alongside the total hours logged for the chosen time period.

For each project or activity map out in the Workplan section and with at least Read access, users can enter the hours worked on a particular day by clicking on the table cell for a day/month and activity, with the system automatically calculating the vertical and horizontal totals. The timesheet also allows for the recording of different leave types, such as annual, parental, or sick leave, ensuring that all time off is accurately documented.

Above the timesheet, essential controls such as navigating to another week, month or year, switching to another view mode, switching to another user, exporting the timesheet as Excel or CSV or booking the timesheet as expenses.

Switch between weekly, monthly, or annual view

In the "Time" tab, you can view timesheets on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. To change this, click the dropdown menu at the top right and choose the preferred time frame.

Navigate through weeks, months or years

At the top left, you can navigate through the weeks, months, or years to change the week/month/year you're currently looking at. Alternatively, you can click the dropdown and jump to the desired period of time in the calendar view.

Access and manage other users time sheets

Users with the Admin and Manager access roles, as well as users with the Manage access rights to the "Resources" section and Read access rights to specific participants can see timesheets of other users which are assigned as members to these participant (see "How to manage access rights" and "Add users to participant members"). To switch between timesheets of different users, click the dropdown next to the users's picture/name and choose the user whose timesheet you'd like to view:

Switch between My Activities and all activities

By default, the timesheet displays only those activities to which you are assigned to and those on which you have already recorded time before. To view all activities to which you have at least Read access rights (see "Roles, access levels, and access rights"), turn the "My activities" toggle off:

Recorded and booked time

Next to the user select, you will see a pie chart showing how much time in % and hours has been booked for the current user and viewed period. Hover over the diagram to see the total hours recorded and booked for the user.

Export timesheet to Excel or CSV

To export the timesheet data of the current view, click the "Export" button on the right. The data will be downloaded as an Excel file. To export the data into a CSV file, click on the dropdown and choose CSV.

Note: Read further how to record time and book time as expense.

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