How to use the Workplan

The Workplan 

The Workplan is a project planning, monitoring and implementation tool with which you can create the project time plan (work breakdown structure), manage and carry out the scheduled activities and events (e.g. deliverables, milestones). These activities and events can be mapped into a hierarchical structure. Each activity can be broken down into any desired structure, for example, project, work package, tasks and subtasks. 

Tip: The hierarchy of activities and events including the level names and ID numbering can be customized.

The Workplan is linked to access management, so you can give different level rights to users or groups for the entire section or you can customise access to the certain activities and events.

Workplan views

The Workplan can be managed using different views; Table, Kanban, and Gantt, giving an overview of the planned work and progress, and providing each team member the preferred method of working. Every view let you create or access scheduled activities or events. Click +Add in the bottom left to create items, or click an item (or the "Edit" icon in the action menu) to open it in the sidebar.

Data Table

The Table view is a collapsible spreadsheet list of the hierarchical project plan with all activities and events. All activities, events and their properties are listed in columns and rows. The Table view can be customised by applying table header filters, adding/removing columns (see "Working with the Table View").


The Kanban view is a visual workflow management instrument for carrying out activities and achieving events.

Activities or events are represented as cards that are organised in columns in the order of status on a board. The board represents the workflow with each step in your process of accomplishing the item, from beginning (left) to end (right). For example, "In Planning", "Not Started", "In Progress", "Completed", etc. The status of the work flow can be customised with the button Customise Status that brings you to  Settings > Customisation > Activity / Events Status (see "Working with Kanban").


The Gantt chart is a graphical time-plan with a focus on the timing and visualisation of activities and events, and their dependencies. It is an easy tool to visualise the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), the total project's and each item's timing, dependencies between items and their status (progress, consumption or deviation) (see "Working with the Gantt view").

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