How to record time

With EMDESK, you can track and record time spent by users on work items, e.g. projects, tasks and activities. You can find the time tracking in the "Time" tab in the "Resources" section. All time records are organised in the timesheet view.


  • To record your own time, you must have at least Read access rights to the "Resources" section and at least Read access rights to the activities on which you'd like to write time (see "Roles, access levels, and access rights").
  • To record time of other users, you must have at least Manage access rights to the "Resources" section and at least Read access rights to the activities on which you'd like to write time and participants to whom the users you are recording time for are assigned as members (see "How to manage access rights" and "Add users to participant members")
  • Users with the Admin and Manager access roles can record time on all activities for all users (see "Roles, access levels, and access rights").
  • Time tracking is not available for Guest users.

Follow the instructions below on how to record time. 


Click Resources in Home menu, this will open the "Resources" section.


Go to the "Time" tab, select the right time period (optionally switch user), and then click on the "Pencil" icon within the cell corresponding to the desired activity and day to log time.


This will open the track time dialog, where you can record time:

  • User: Pre-set according to the timesheet viewed.
  • Activity: Pre-set according to the cell you've chosen, but you can change it by clicking the dropdown.
  • Time: Enter hours and minutes in HH:MM input.
  • Type: Choose between "Work time", "Annual leave", "Parental/Maternal leave", "Sick leave", and "Other leave" from the dropdown.
  • Date: Pre-set according to the cell you've chosen.
  • Tip: In the year view mode of your timesheet, you can specify the day for the record by clicking on the "Calendar" icon.

  • Note (optional): Enter a note or comment for the time record.

Click Track Time to record a new time record. This entry will be recorded under the chosen activity and day and will also be cumulatively added to the overarching parent activities.


  • To delete a time record, open the time sheet and click on the pencil icon in the cell corresponding to the day and activity. This action will bring up the Track Time dialog. In the bottom part you will see a list of all time entries for that day on this activity and sub-activities. In the year view mode, where each column represents a month, a cell displays the total of all time records for the days within that month. The time dialog will list all these records. Find the entry you wish to delete, hover over it, and click on the "X" icon.

  • If you log multiple time entries for the same activity or sub-activities on the same day, each entry will be displayed at the bottom part of the "Track time" dialog. The total hours for these entries will be calculated and displayed as a sum in the timesheet.

Note: Read further how to book time as expense.

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