Activity and Event Progress Reporting

The current progress of activities and events is displayed as a completion bar (with % and status) at various places, wherever an activity or event can be viewed. 

Progress / Status updates on activities or events are reported in the item's sidebar, in the tab 'Updates'.


Follow the instructions below on how to report a status /progress update on an activity or event: 


Open the activity or event into the sidebar. One way to do this is to go to the Workplan section and click an item. Then select the Updates tab and click +Add Update.

Tip: You can also report an update by clicking 'Add Update' in the action menu at the activity or event, or by moving a card in the Kanban view. 


The new update sidebar will appear where you can provide the progress / status update details.

  • Completion (%): Enter the completion in % (completion of activity/event in % (can also set with the slider)
  • Reporting Date: Set the reporting date (today by default)
  • Status: Set the status (these status option here are provided by the project template selected during the project creation. You can customize them in the Customization section under Settings)
  • Priority: Set the current priority ('Normal' priority by default)
  • Description: Enter a short update description 
  • Actual Start: Set the actual start date
  • Actual Duration: Set the actual duration 

Click Save Update to post the new status update. The new status update is shown in the 'Update' tab as the lastet.

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