The sidebar is the central panel used to create, update and manage project elements. 

You can open any element in the sidebar by clicking on it once or the "Edit" icon in the element action menu. 

Click the "X" button at the top left of the sidebar to close this panel without saving. If you made changes without saving, a dialog will ask you to confirm if you want to withdraw your changes.

The sidebar consists of: 

  • Tabs: Running along the top of the sidebar. There are different tabs depends on the element type.
  • Header: Below the tabs. Showing the elements identifier and name.
  • Main area: Below the header are the properties or information of the element that is managed. The properties shown will depends on the element type.
  • Actions button: At the bottom.

Note: Actions or changes made using the sidebar must be submitted by clicking the button at the bottom. 

Sidebar options

Each and every project elements has a tab menu (options depend on element type) and action menu. Clicking the action menu reveals a dropdown of  options - the options depend on the type and state of the element. There is also the option finalized/unfinalize, un/mark as favourite and un/follow an element

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