Login issues

If you are having issues with login, please check first that:

If you are still having issues, please review the issues & resolutions below.

Forgotten your primary email address

It is possible to add multiple email addresses to your account, but there is only one primary email address. Your primary email address is the one you use to login and marked as primary in your account settings. 

If you cannot remember your primary email address, search your email inbox for email notifications from us (also try searching for "emdesk"). Then check the email address the email was sent to. That should be your primary email address.

Still problems remembering your primary email address? Then contact our technical support

Forgotten password 

Sure about your primary email address, but still problems with the login? Then you might be using a wrong password. If you cannot remember your password, please read here to get a new password. 

Too many failed login attempts (blocked account)

If you receive a notification toast "Too many failed login attempts. Please try again later (in XXs)", when you try to login, then we have recognized that you have failed to enter correct login data for too many times, and you will have to try again in a few moments.

Note: Your account will be temporarily blocked if you enter incorrect login data too many times. You will have to try again later or contact our technical support.

Account not yet validated

If you are logged in successfully, but asked to validate your account, you have not yet verified your email address. Please go to the "Account verification issues" article for help with this.

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