You need to first set up an account before you can log in.

When you have no valid session, the "Login" box displays when you open EMDESK in your browser. We need you to authenticate and enter your latest login details.

A valid session is active when you have already logged in to EMDESK shortly before on the device. The session expires automatically after a while when you are not active. 

Tip: You can extend the session expiry on a device by ticking the checkbox "Keep me logged in" the next time you log in. However, if you try to login from another device, you will be asked to login again.

Log in


To log in to EMDESK, visit https://app.emdesk.com/. You can also directly log in to a project using the specific project domain e.g. https://projectsubdomain.emdesk.com.

Enter your email address and your password. 
Note: Make sure you log in with the email address, which is currently set as your primary email address in your account (most of the time the one you used to sign up).
Optionally, you may tick "Keep me logged in". Which means you will be kept logged in for a while on this device and won't need to keep entering your log in details.
Select "Sign In" or press the "Enter" key.
If you're having any issues with log in, please go to the "Login Issues" article.

Tip: Shortly after your session has expired, you can reactivate the session by entering the password and return back where you have been log out. Otherwise you will be redirected to the login page.

Log out

Click on your user profile photo at the top right and then select Logout.

Note: When you log out from EMDESK, you will be logged out from all active sessions including mobile sessions.

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