Create an account

If you want to manage and start your own projects or you have been invited to take part in a project that already exists, then you will first need to create a user account with EMDESK. You will need a valid email with access and a secure password ready to enter.

Tip: If you have a Microsoft business or institutional account you can sign up and login through your Microsoft account for instant access to EMDESK.


If you are a new user, wanting to create an account and a new project, launch and click Sign up now below the Login box:

Do you want to join an existing project?

If you are invited to join a project, select the link in your project invitation email (No mail invite? Contact Admin or Manager).

  • If you do have an account you will see the 'Login' box and DO NOT need to follow the steps below. You will just need to enter your login data - if you have any issues with this please read "Login issues".
  • If you do not have an account yet, you will see the 'Create a new Account' box and will need to follow the steps below. 

The "Create a new Account" box will display:

  • Enter your email address - the username will always be your primary email address. 
  • Choose a password - minimum 6 characters, must contain numbers, small and uppercase letters and can't be the same as the email address. 
  • Tick the first checkbox to agree to the Terms of Service. 
  • Tick the second checkbox if you wish to receive emailed news about EMDESK (opt out any time by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of our emails).
  • Click Sign up button. 
Tip: It is possible to add further email addresses to your account in your account settings, but your primary email address will always be the one you use to login to your account.

The "Email validation pending" box will display.    

  • Check your email for the six-digit code (activation link and code are valid 24 hours, then you need to login and use the Resend button). 
  • Click the activation link OR copy and paste code into the code field in the "Email Validation pending" box.
  • Click Activate to activate your account.
  • No email? Make sure you check the inbox of the email address you have provided or click the 'Resend' button. Or read "Issues receiving emails from EMDESK".
  • Accidentally closed this window? We will redirect you to the ‘Email validation pending’ box every time you log in until your account is validated.
  • If you try to create an account with an email address already registered, we will send a password reset email instead. Read "Login issues" for further assistance.

The "Welcome to EMDESK!" box will display:

  • Click on the camera icon to browse to a profile picture for you (can be added later).
  • Complete the name, organization and job title fields.
  • Click Continue.

The "Create new project" box will display. Please continue to the "Create new project" article.

If you are joining a project, you will now be taken directly into the project. Any other invites send to your email address will then be automatically recognized and your account linked to the relevant project(s).

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