Issues receiving emails from EMDESK

Note: Make sure that you can see and receive emails from EMDESK because it is through email that we most regularly communicate important notices with our users.

If you are having problems with either seeing or receiving emails from us, then use this help article to guide you through the steps you can take to solve this problem.

Resolution steps

Are you checking the correct inbox folder of the correct email account?
  • It is possible to add several email addresses to your account, however we communicate system emails (e.g. password reset) through your primary email address and project emails through the email address in the profile linked to the project. 
  • Your primary email address is the one marked as primary in your account settings and the one you usually use to login. 
  • Forgotten your primary email address? Send us a message or contact us at
Have you checked all your inbox folders including Spam/Junk/Other folders?

Tip: A quick solution to check all your folders is to search manually for "emdesk" through your email inbox folders using your mail client’s search function.

  • Found one of our emails in your Spam, Junk or similar folders? It is likely that future emails from us will be classed as Spam. Unmark them as Spam and add us to your contact list. 
  • Mark our emails as not Spam/Junk and add ******* to your contacts. Most importantly, you should check your spam settings to make sure to receive future emails.
Has the mail server rejected EMDESK emails?
  • Some organization’s mail servers reject inbound emails for specific reasons and do not forward them to your inbox. 
  • Contact your mail administrator and ask to check the logs if emails from have been rejected. Then you should have our IP addresses white-listed to make sure it is possible to receive emails from us.

Still problems? Send us a message or contact us at

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