Create new project

Note: If you are a new user looking to create your first project and don't have yet an account, then please create an account first. You will be forwarded to the "Create a new project" box right after you have created your account.

Make sure you are logged in to EMDESK and follow the instructions below to create a new project.


Click the arrow by the project name in the blue header bar, then select "Create Project".

You have also the option to create a new project via the profile menu by clicking "New Project".

The "Create a new project" box will display:

  • Enter your project acronym and title.
  • Choose a project URL (subdomain) and make sure there are no unsupported characters and its length is min. 3, max. 63.
  • Click the camera icon to select and upload a project logo image – (can be added later).
  • Complete the other optional fields: estimated start date, time zone and a short description. (all can be edited later).
  • Select 'Next'.
Note: The project URL is a unique subdomain through which your team members can access the project work space directly. Once you have set the project URL it cannot be changed. The subdomain is subject availability.
Tip: All browser URLs you see while navigating through EMDESK are "permalinks" e.g. You can copy and share these URLs with other users, who will then be forwarded to the same view as at the time the link was copied.
The "Choose a project template" box will display:

  • Choose a project template for your project that best matches your project structure.
  • Select 'Next'.
Note: Project templates are pre-sets with default settings, layout and structure.  Once you created a project based on a template, it cannot be changed, but you can customize the project structure later in your work space.
Tip: If you cannot find a project template that suits your project structure, then choose the "Default" or one that matches best. You will be able to customize your project later. Otherwise contact our technical support.

The "Invite team members" box will display (leave blank to skip inviting people, it can be done later):

  • Type every email address of the person you want to invite to join the project (separate email addresses using a comma, semicolon or space) 
  • Enter a personal message to your invitees; explaining why they are receiving this email with a link 
  • Click "Create" to create the project and send invites.
Note: We will sent an email invite to each of provided email addresses including the personal message, inviting the person to join the project via the personal URL. 
Tip: Many email addresses? You can copy and paste email addresses into the area. Just make sure they are separated using a comma, semicolon or space.

The "Your project is ready for take off!" box will display as confirmation:

  • Click the "Start" button to go to the project work space. 
  • By default, the user who set up the project is given the Owner and Admin role in the project (see "Roles, access levels and access rights").
Tip: You’ll see your custom project URL in the browser address bar. Bookmark this URL to your browser.

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