About menus navigation and getting around

Every time you log in at EMDESK via https://app.emdesk.com/ you are forwarded to the Dashboard of your last active project. 

The application interface consists of the blue header bar, the grey home menu incl. app-in tabs, the main work area and the sidebar.

Header bar

The blue header bar runs along the top and shows the current selected project. From here you can switch projects, create a new project, access in-app notifications through the bell icon and access the user profile menu.

When you click the white arrow next to the project title, you will access the expanded header bar, which shows tiles for each project you take part in. Click a project title to switch to this project. On the right end you'll see a tile "Create new project".

The profile menu allows you to access your account's user settings ("Profile"), to visit the "Help Center", to create a new project ("New Project") and to logout of EMDESK ("Logout").

Home menu

The "Home" menu is under the fixed "Home" tab and runs down the left. From here you can navigate to all sections, and from each section, you can select the "Home" tab to return to the start. 

Some of the menu items e.g. will lead you to sub-menus with further options. To get back to the main menu from a sub-menu click the blue arrow the top of the home tab. 

Left from the "Home" tab, you will find the tab bar allowing you to open and save different views in in-app tabs. 

Main work space

The main work space is the large white area used to show you the relevant page content, tools or setting. Some of the sections also contains sub-menus leading to different features or views.

Most of the time, your project data is shown in the main work space in different views: data table, tiles or charts. Depending on the current page’s functionality, you will also find a page menu at the top or "Add" buttons at the bottom of this space.

The sidebar is located on the right hand side and appears when you click once an element. With the sidebar you create, update and work on project elements. 

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