Workspace settings

Note: You must have the Admin access level to workspace settings (see "Roles, access levels, and access rights").

Follow the instruction below on how to update a workspace.


Click Settings in Home menu, go to the General section, hover over the workspace information box, click the "Edit" icon, this will open the "Workspace" sidebar.


In the sidebar, you can update the following properties for the workspace:

  • Short: Click the placeholder at the top and update the short workspace name
  • Logo: Click the "Camera" icon to upload the logo directly from your computer or simply drag'n'drop the logo into the "Select or drop logo" space.
  • Name: Add/edit the workspace name
  • Timezone: Click the dropdown to set/update the workspace timezone
  • Currency: Click the dropdown to set/update currency for the workspace
  • Description: Add/edit the workspace description


ClickSave at the bottom of the sidebar.

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