Create a new workspace

Note: If you are a new user looking to create your first workspace and don't have yet an account, then please create an account first. You will be forwarded to the "Create a new workspace" dialogue box right after you have created your account.

Make sure you are logged in to EMDESK and follow the instructions below on how to create a new workspace.


Click the dropdown next to the workspace name at the top left, then click "Create Workspace" on the right.

The "Create a new workspace" dialogue box will appear:

  • Enter your workspace name.
  • Choose the workspace URL (subdomain), make sure there are no unsupported characters and its length is min. 3, max. 63 characters.
  • Click the "Camera" icon to select and upload a workspace logo image (can be added later).
  • Choose timezone and currency for your workspace (can be done later).
  • Click Next.

Note: The workspace URL is a unique subdomain through which your team members can access the workspace directly. Once you have set the workspace URL it cannot be changed. The subdomain is subject to availability.

Tip: All browser URLs you see while navigating through EMDESK platform are "permalinks", e.g. This means you can copy and share these URLs with other users, who will be then forwarded to the shared EMDESK view.

Choose a workspace template that best matches your organisation needs, hover over it, and click Select.

Note: Workspace templates are pre-sets with default settings, layout and structure.  Once you created a workspace based on a template, it cannot be changed, but you can always customise the workspace structure.

Tip: If you cannot find a workspace template that suits your requirements, choose the "Blank" one. You will be able to customise it later (contact our technical support in case you need some guidance).

Switch the "Demo data" toggle on or off, and click Next.

Invite team members to the workspace by typing in their email addresses (separate email addresses using a comma, semicolon, or space), then click Let's go.

Tip: Too many email addresses? Copy and paste email addresses into the area. Just make sure they are separated using a comma, semicolon or space.


Next steps

  • First workspace? Get to know EMDESK by following our onboarding tutorial, which auto-starts upon your first login, or browse our help articles in the "Get started" category. 
  • As a next step, it is recommended to invite users.
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