View and update document properties

Note: To edit documents or EMDocs, you must have at least edit access to the 'Documents' section and respective folder containing them (see 'Roles, access levels, and access rights').

View and Update document properties


Click Documents in Home menu, this will open 'Documents' section.


Browse the folder structure and open right folder - double-click a folder to enter it. 


Find and click once the document to open a sidebar (or hover over it, and choose Properties in the action menu).   


In the sidebar you can view and update the document properties: 

  • Name: Click the name and update it
  • Location: Select a new folder to move the document
  • Description: Click into the text area to update the document description
  • Versioning: Toggle the switch to enable/disable track of document versions older than 30 days
  • Direct Link: Click Copy Link to copy the direct link to the document
  • Tags: Categorize the document by adding tags
  • Linked Items: Link items to the document

Click Save Document at the bottom of the sidebar.

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