View and update document properties

Note: To edit documents, you must have at least Edit access rights to the "Documents" section and the respective folder containing them (see "Roles, access levels, and access rights").

Follow the instructions below on how to view and update document properties.


Click Documents in Home menu, this will open the "Documents" section.


Hover over the document you want to edit and choose  Properties from the dropdown list, this will open a sidebar.


In the sidebar you can view and update the following document properties: 

Note: If you want to move the document, click the "Move to" icon in the path indicator at the top of the sidebar and select "Home" or the desired parent folder: 


Click Save Document at the bottom of the sidebar.

Note: In a sidebar you can also click Copy Link and share this document stored in EMDESK with other EMDESK users.

Note: Read how to upload or delete a document.
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