Link elements to a document

Note: To link an element to a document, you must have edit access to the documents (see 'Roles, access levels, and access rights').

A sidebar of any document allows you to link the following element types to the document:

  • Activities
  • Events
  • Participants
  • Budget
  • Expenses

When an element is linked to a document, then this document is attached to this element.

Follow the instructions below on how to link an element to a document.


Click Documents in Home menu, this will open 'Documents' section.


Click the document to open a sidebar, or hover over it and click the small arrow on the right and then choose Properties, this will also open a sidebar.


At the bottom of the sidebar, click into the linked elements field and enter the name of the element you want to link and press 'Enter' on your keyboard.

Tip: When you start entering the name of the element, a list with the names containing the typed letters will appear, then just choose the element from the list.

Click Save Document at the bottom of the sidebar.

  • To unlink an element from the document, open the sidebar by clicking on the document and in the linked elements field click X at the element and then click Save Document.

Note:  You can also attach a document to an element in a sidebar of the element.
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