Mark and unmark an item as favourite

You can mark or "star" work items and contacts in the "Contacts" section as favourites, so that they appear in the "Dashboard" section.

The "Star" option is available for contacts and the following item types:

  • Activities
  • Events (e.g. deliverables, milestones)
  • Documents
  • EMDocs
  • Folders

All "starred" contacts and elements are listed in the "Dashboard" section in the corresponding tabs.

All "starred" activities and events are listed at the top in the Kanban view of the "Workplan" section. 

All "starred" documents, EMDocs, and folders are also shown in the "Favourites" tab in the "Documents" section.

Star a contact

To mark/unmark a contact as favourite, hover over it and enable/disable the "Star" icon.

Star an item

Note: To mark/unmark an item as favourite, you must have at least Read access rights (see "Roles, access levels, and access rights").

To mark/unmark an item as favourite, follow the instructions below.


Open the item in the sidebar (click it once).


To mark the item as favourite, click the "Star" icon at the top right of the sidebar.

To unmark the item as favourite, disable the "Star" icon at the top right of the sidebar.

Tip: To mark/unmark an item as favourite in the Kanban view of the "Workplan" section or in the "Documents" section, simply hover over it and enable/disable the "Star" icon.

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