Follow and unfollow an element

You can receive notifications about actions or changes made to elements in a project, e.g. activities or documents. To learn more about notification and on how to manage notification settings, please read here

Whether you want to get updates via notification on an element or not, you can define by following an element. 

  • To follow and receive notifications for an element, you need at least read access rights to the element.
  • When an element is created, all users start following it by default. 
  • All notifications are deleted after 30 days. Seen notification are deleted after 7 days. 

Follow and Unfollow an Element

To follow an element, open it in the sidebar and click on the 'Follow' icon in the top right:

To unfollow an element, disable the 'Follow' icon: 

Add and remove others as followers

Note: To add and remove others as followers, you must be an Admin or a Manager level user.

Open a sidebar by clicking on an element or by using the 'Edit' icon in the end of an element row.
Select the 'Access' tab at the top of the sidebar. 

A table with users and groups with access to the element appears. To add or remove other followers on an element, click the 'Follow' icon at the user or group.

  • When you add or remove a user as a follower of an element, the user receives a notification informing her/him that he/she was added or removed as a follower.
Tip: Use the search field in the table header to find users or groups.
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