Create groups


Follow the instructions below on how to create a new group.


Click  Groups in Home menu to open the "Groups" section.


Click  +Add Group at the bottom of the section, this will open the "New Group" sidebar.


In the sidebar, you must set the following properties for the new group: 

  • Image (optional): To add a picture for the group, click the "Camera" icon or drag & drop an image file there
  • Name: Click the "Enter a group name" placeholder and type in a name for the group
  • Short name (optional): Set a short name for the group
  • Short description (optional): Provide description for the group
  • Group Manager: By default the user who creates a group is the Group Manager, click the dropdown menu to select another user for the Group Manager's role (only group members can become a Group Manager, so first you must add members to the group as described in the next step); there can only be one group manager per group
  • Access Level: Select "Open" (users can join / leave without approval) or "Restricted" (users need a Group Manager's approval to join / leave)
  • Private (optional): Enable to hide the group from all non-group members (Admins and Managers level users will still be available to see private groups, see "Roles, access levels and access rights")
  • Enable Group Mail (optional): Enable to activate the mailing list option for the group – the "Email Address" field will then appear, enter the email part before the @ symbol, e.g. "geniusfame-all-user" for the email address "":


    • The email address must not include unsupported characters and the length is min. 3, max. 63.
    • The email address must be unique throughout the domain
    • The email address domain is fixed and cannot be changed.
    • By default, all users of the group will have the right to send and receive emails; to update these rights, please see "Mailing list option for groups".
  • Enable Group Rights (optional): Enable the group rights option for a group to start managing access rights for all group members at a group level:


    • By default, access rights for groups are set to Manage access rights to all sections. Go to the "Users" section to adjust the access rights for groups
    • All group members will inherit the access rights set for this group.
    • Through group membership, users may accrue sets of various access rights. In this case, access rights are hierarchical starting with Manage as the strongest, and the highest right counteracts all subordinate rights.

      For example: A user has Read access rights to the "Documents" section and at the same time is a member of a group with Edit access rights to the "Documents" section. The user will attain the stronger rights of the group and therefore will have Edit access rights to the "Documents" section.

  • Tags (optional): Categorise the group by adding tags.

To add members to the group, click the "Member" tab at the top of the sidebar, then click the "Add member" button, tick the checkbox(es) at the member(s) to be added and click Add Member. Or skip this step and add members later.


To create the group, click Save Group.

Next Step: Once you've set up your groups, the next step is to set access rights for groups and invite users to your workspace if not done yet.

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