Create groups

Note: To create new groups, you must be an Admin or a Manager level user (see "Roles, access levels and access rights").


Select the "Groups" section of the "Home" menu.


Select the "Add Group" button at the bottom left of the screen.


The "New Group" sidebar will display:

  • Group name: Click the blue "New Group" placeholder and type in a name for the group.
  • Short name (optional): Type a short name for your group.  
  • Short description (optional): Type a description for your group.
  • Group Image (optional): Click on "Select or drop group image". Browse to where the image file is stored and select "Open" or select and drag/drop the file over. 
  • Group Manager: By default you are the Group Manager, click on the drop down to select another user (only group members can become Manager). There can only be one group manager per group.
  • Access Level: Select "Open" (users can join / leave without approval) or "Restricted" (users need Group Manager's approval to join / leave). 
  • Private (optional): Enable to hide the group from all non-group members (apart from Admins and Managers).
  • Enable Group Mail (optional): Enable to activate the mailing list option for the group. The "Email Address" field will appear. Choose and enter the part before the @ symbol (local-part), e.g.


    • The email address must not include unsupported characters and the length is min. 3, max. 63.
    • The email address must be unique throughout the domain and is subject availability. 
    • The email address domain is fixed and cannot be changed.
    • By default, all users of the group will have the right to send and receive emails. To update these rights, please see "Mailing list option for groups".
  • Enable Group Rights (optional): Enable the group rights option for a group to start managing access rights for all group members at group level.

    Note: Access rights for groups are set to "Manage All" for all sections by default. All group members will inherit the access rights set for this group. Go to the "User" to adjust the access rights (see "Roles, access levels and access rights").

  • Tags (optional): Click in and type in the tag name. Click on your individual tag or choose from the suggested list of available tags. 

To add members, select the "Member" tab in the sidebar and then the "Add members" button. Now, tick the checkbox(es) at the member(s) to be added and confirm with the "Add Member" button. Skip this step to add members later.


Click Save Group to create the group. Your group will now appear in the list of groups shown in the "Groups" section.

Note: Groups are also used to set access rights for all group members. A new groups is defaulted to a regular user role level with 'Manage All' rights for all sections: "Activities", "Participants", "Documents" and "Resources". Read articles "Roles, access levels and access rights" and "Manage access rights of users and groups".

Next Step: Once you've set up your groups, the next step is to set user / groups permissions or invite users.

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