The Cockpit is a collection of various widgets that provide overall metrics on project activities, resources, statuses, schedules, etc. Using the Cockpit, you can quickly get a bird's-eye overview on your project workspace. Also, you can use the Cockpit to quickly access your tasks, discussions, recent changes, favourite project items, etc.

Note: You'll only be able to see the metrics and data that refer to those workspace items to which you have at least Read access rights (see "Roles, access levels, and access rights").

To view the Cockpit, click the "Dashboard" section in Home menu and go to the "Cockpit" tab. 


In the "Cockpit" tab, you will firstly see the overview chart pies showing current consumption of budget and personnel expenditure in percent and values, as well as your activities and events by their status (read here how to customize status workflow). You can also see the overall percentage of project completion. 

On the right side, you will find two panels: one showing the overall timeline of the project activities with the actual timing, the second showing custom tips on what you should do next in your project workspace.

Favourite project items  

In the "Cockpit" tab, you'll find a widget with all the projects items that you marked as favourite (read "Mark and unmark an item as favourite"). Switch between "Activities", "Events", "Folders", and "Contacts" tabs to get a quick access to the relevant list of your favourite project items. Click an item one time or click the "Edit" icon to open it in a sidebar for further information and/or edition.

Activity stream & schedule

In the "Cockpit" tab, there is a widget that represents all recent changes happened to the project items to which you have at least Read access rights, as well as which project items are coming next and which are overdue. Switch between "Recent", "What's Next", and "Overdue" tabs to get a quick access to the relevant data. Click items (marked as blue links) to open them in a sidebar for further information and/or edition.


In the "Cockpit" tab, there is also a widget that shows the latest comments on all project items to which you have at least Read access rights. To add a comment, open a discussion by clicking the respective item (marked as blue links).

Quick options

At the bottom of the "Cockpit" tab, there is the "Quick options" button which you can use to start a meeting, add an activity, update, participant, budget, as well as report an expense straight away.

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