Manage access rights for an item in the sidebar

You can manage access rights of users and groups to workspace items using the "Access" tab in a sidebar. This option is available for the following item types: Activities, Events, Participants, and Folders.

  • To manage access rights, you must be the Admin or Manager level user (see "About roles and access rights").
  • You can only manage rights for individual workspace items for users and groups with Regular User role (for understanding user access rights, please read here).
  • Users' roles can only be set in the "Users" section.

Follow the instructions below on how to manage users' access rights to an item using a sidebar.


Open an item in a sidebar by clicking on it or by clicking the "Edit" icon in the action menu.


Click the "Access" tab at the top of the sidebar.


This tab will show a list of all users and groups who have access to this item, indicating their access rights (for understanding user access rights, please read here).

Tip: Use the search field in the table header to find users or groups.

To update the access rights of a user / group to this item, click the dropdown list next to the user / group and choose the respective access rights. 

Tip: In the "Access" tab you can also add and remove others as followers of the item by clicking the "Follow" icon. The users or group members will then be notified about changes and updates on this item. 
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