EMDESK keeps you informed about all actions with notifications, activity stream and regular report emails.

EMDESK tells you when something is updated by someone other than you with in-app and browser notifications. To get notified about updates on an element, start following it.

When you start following an element (activities, events, participant, budget items, expense, folder and documents), EMDESK will push notifications into your account when:

  • an element is updated
  • an update is reported on an activity or event
  • a budget item is created for an activity
  • an expense is reported for an activity
  • someone comments on an element
  • someone add an attachment to an element
  • a new document version is uploaded

In addition notification are sent upon following actions:

  • someone requests to join a group and you are the the Group Manager
  • a new plan version is activated

Note: All unseen notifications are also sent to you as part of the regular report email.

Track notifications

To see all recent unseen and seen notifications, click  Notifications in the Dashboard section.

Tip: Unseen notifications are marked in orange and seen ones in blue.

The bell icon in the blue header bar alerts you about the number of new unseen notifications. To quickly check those unseen notification, click the bell icon to open the notification panel. 

  • Click Show All to open the "Notifications" section.
  • Click Mark all as seen to clear the notification panel and mark them all as seen. 

Click on a notification in the "Notifications" section or in the notification panel to open the "Activity Stream" tab of the linked element in the sidebar. When you click a notification it is mark as seen. 

Note: All notifications are deleted after 30 days. Seen notification are deleted after 7 days.

Browser notifications

If you are using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge you can get browser pop-up notifications. This allows you to receive EMDESK notifications as they happen, regardless of whether you are in EMDESK or not.

When you get your first EMDESK notification, the browser will ask automatically about your permission to show notifications from EMDESK. If you decide to block them, but after would change your mind, see instructions on how to enable browser notifications in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.

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