Working with the Gantt view

The Gantt view

The Gantt view is a graphical time-plan that displays the timing of activities and events alongside their dependencies. It shows the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), the total project, item timing, and dependencies between items and their status (progress, consumption, and/or deviation). 

To access the Gantt view, go to Work plan and then click Gantt. 


  • The left column is the Work Breakdown Structure with a collapsible view of all activities, events, and their details, e.g. ID, title. 
  • The right column shows the project timeline as a graphical display of the work plan.
  • The two sides are separated by a sliding bar that can be dragged left or right to increase the view of either side. 
  • "Today" is marked by a vertical orange line in the timeline. 
  • Hover over any bar, event, or report icon to get a popup card with further details.
  • Clicking on any bar or icon will open the sidebar for that item.
  • Similar to the Table and Kaban views, you can click Add Activity or Add Event at the page bottom to add new activities or events.

Browse WBS and fold/unfold branches

The Gantt view displays the work plan as a full hierarchical list of activities, which can be expanded to display sub-level activities and events. 

Activities with sub-activities (packages) will have a small arrow to their left. Click this arrow to unfold the branch and show the sub-activities or events. The corresponding graphical data, shown in bars on the right will also expand and collapse accordingly.

Activities with sub-activities (Packages)

  • The solid thin grey bars represent activities containing further sub-activities (packages), e.g. Work Package - Task. 
  • The bars show the actual timing of the activity and are filled with green to show the level of completion (e.g. no green = 0%, full green = 100%).

Activities with no sub-activities (Task)

  • Thick bars represent activities at the lowest level (tasks).
  • Striped bars in the background display the planned timing.
  • Solid bars in the foreground show the actual timing according to the latest status update of the activity. 
  • On-time activities are displayed in light green and the progress in percentage according to the latest status in dark green (full green bar = 100%).
  • Overdue activities are displayed in light red and fill in deep red according to their progress.  
  • Due activities are displayed in light yellow and fill in deep yellow according to their progress.


  • Displayed as light grey icons for their planned achievement date and dark grey icons for their actual achievement dates.
  • Deliverables are represented by packages (four squares)
  • Milestones are represented by diamonds
Tip: Clicking on an activity or event row or bar/icon in the timeline opens it in the sidebar. 


  • Arrows between activities show the dependencies between them. 
  • The arrows begin at the defined predecessors and point to the successors. 
Tip: Click a successor to open the sidebar, switch to the ‘Edit’ tab and set the successor.


Numbers to the right of activities and events show deviations from the plan in days. 

  • Earlier deviations are shown as a negative number of days in green.
  • Later deviations are shown as a positive number in red. 

Note: The deviation is defined by the plan end or achievement month (last day of the month) minus the forecast end or achievement date.


  • Document icons containing a check, towards the bottom of the timeline indicate scheduled reports by their due date.
  • Hover over the icon to display a bar showing the report’s reporting period. 
  • Stay over the icon to display a quick view card with the report’s details. 
Tip:To update a report’s details, reporting period, or due date; click on the report icon to open the sidebar. 

Customise columns 

  • Click on the + icon at the top left
  • Check the options to hide or unhide relevant columns

Export Gantt and Change the Time Scale


  • The current view of the Gantt can be exported as a PDF file
  • Click the Export button at the top right to export the Gantt 

Change time scale

On the top right you can switch between different time scales:

  • Year - Calendar years, by year, with a sub-display in quarters.
  • Month - Calendar months with a sub-display of correlating project month numbers.
  • Week - Calendar months and corresponding project month number with a sub-display of calendar weeks.

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