Change email address for notifications

When you have multiple email addresses you can choose which email address should be used to send you notifications for a project.

Follow the instructions below on how to change email address for notifications.


Click on your user avatar at the top right and then click Profile, this will open the "User Settings" page.


In the "Profiles" section hover over the checkbox and click the "Edit" icon of the profile associated with the project, this will open a sidebar. Read here to learn how to manage profiles.


In the sidebar next to "Email" click the arrow on the right side and choose the required email address from a list. To add a new email, please read here.


Click Save Profile at the bottom of the sidebar, email notifications will now be sent to the email address you have assigned to the project.

Note: If you want to use a new email address which is not yet in the list, first you need to add it.
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