Regular Summary Email Report

EMDESK automatically sends you an email notification keeping you informed about what happened, what's next and about new activities in the 'Document' section. 

You can set whether you would like to receive an email notification instantly or for defined intervals (hourly, daily or weekly). By default the regular report email is sent daily.

  • What happened: Recent unseen notifications in your inbox (Notification menu in the Dashboard section)
  • What's next: Items you are following with a due date in the next 30 days
  • Activities in the document manager

Note: The email notification is sent to the email address set in the profile linked to the project. 

Change Interval

Go to your account settings by selecting 'Profile' in the profile menu.    
In your account settings scroll down to 'Email Notification', and choose the right option in the 'Recap interval' drop down: Instant, Hourly Daily, Weekly.

Note: You need to have email notification enabled with the option Turn off/on

Click 'Save Changes' button to save your changes.

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