Join or leave a group

As a regular user, you can join or leave a group, but not create or manage groups. You can instantly join or leave open groups whenever you want. For restricted groups, you need to request to join or leave and wait for this request to be approved.

Note: As a member of the group, you inherit the access role and the rights set for the group and receive notifications communicated through the group. You retain all higher access roles and rights set for your user or inherited from another group.

View Available Groups

Go to the 'Groups' section of the 'Home' tab to see all available groups. You'll see a row per group, with action options available when you select the drop down the end of the group row.

Note: Private groups can only been seen by group members. 

Join or Leave an Open Group

Go to the action menu at the end of the group row and select 'Join Group' to join, or 'Leave Group' to leave. 

  • You will be instantly joined/removed from the group as appropriate.

Join or Leave a Restricted Group

Go to the action menu at the end of the group row and select 'Request Access' to request to join or 'Request Exit' to request to leave.

  • The Group Manager will be notified of your request. As soon as they approve your request you will see you are joined/removed as per request. If your request is rejected, the original options to request to join/leave will display.


  • All users can access the 'Groups' section, view available groups and join groups (open groups) or request access (restricted groups). Hidden groups can only been seen by group members. 
  • You must be Admin, Manager or Group Manager to manage a group. Only Admin and Manager can create new groups. 
  • Each group requires at least one user, but a group may have only one user.
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