Update and move projects

Note: To edit and move projects, you must have Manage access rights to the "Workplan" section (see "Roles, access levels, and access rights"). In addition, the current plan version must be in the Edit mode (see "Manage workspace plan versions").

Follow the instructions below on how to edit and move projects.


Click Workplan in Home menu, this will open the "Workplan" section. 


Click on the project that you would like to edit / move or click on its "Edit" icon, this will open a sidebar for the project. 


In the sidebar, you can update the following properties of the project:

  • Name: Edit the name of the project
  • Select assignees: Click the dropdown and update assignees for the project
  • ID: It is given by default, however you can customise the ID format under Customisation settings; you can also override the auto ID number by clicking the "Edit" icon and typing in the preferred ID name
  • Description: Edit the project's description
  • Objectives: Edit the objectives for the project
  • Predecessors: If another projects, activities, and/or events have to end before this project can begin, select them as predecessors from the dropdown menu
  • Lead. Participant: Assign the project to another lead participant; click Add lead participants when you have several responsible participants (available up to 3 lead participants)
  • Further Participants: Update further assigned participants for the project
  • Activity Type: Choose the new type from the dropdown menu (these types here are provided by the workspace template selected during the workspace creation; however, you can customise them under Customisation settings)
  • Start date: Edit the plan start date for the project
  • Duration: Edit the project duration
Note: When you add activities to the project, its duration automatically updates to span from the start of the earliest activity to the end of the latest one.
  • Tags: Categorise the project by adding tags
  • Completion: As status updates are reported for the project or its activities, the progress bar will update to show the current completion percentage and most recent status.
  • Enable Update Reporting: Toggle on/off to enable or disable direct status updates at the project level.

To move the project to a specific position in the Workplan, click the "Move to" icon in the path indicator at the top of the sidebar and choose the new position by clicking the respective arrow:

Note: When you move a project other than to the last position, the ID numbering of all following projects changes accordingly.

Once you have completed your editing, click Save at the bottom of the sidebar.

Note: Read here how to duplicate and delete projects.

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