Delete participants

Note: To delete participants, you must have Manage access rights to the "Participants" section and the current plan version must be in  Edit mode (see "Roles, access levels, and access rights" and "Manage project plan versions").
Note: When participants are deleted, they are moved to the trash and can be restored only with the help of EMDESK technical support.

Follow the instructions below on how to delete participants.


Click Participants in Home menu, this will open the "Participants" section.


Click the quick action menu at the participant that you would like to delete and choose Delete.

Note: If any resource entries are associated with this participant, first you must unlink these resources from the participant. Hover over an affected entry and click the "Edit" icon to open and update the entry in the sidebar:


To delete the participant, click Yes in the appeared window.

Tip: You can also delete a participant using its sidebar by clicking the action menu at the top right and choosing Delete:

Note: Read here how to create, edit and organise participants.
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