Manage users

During a project lifetime, you can manage the project membership and access rights of users. However, you cannot update any personal information or account data of users. Each individual user can update their account data in their user settings.

  • Managing users must be done separately for each of your projects.
  • To manage users, you must be the Admin or Manager level user (see "About roles and access rights").

All project users are listed in the "Users" section of Home menu in a sortable and searchable table view. You can use the search field at the top of the table to quickly look for users by typing in their names.

Follow the instructions below on how to:

Pending invitation

When you send an invite to a user to join a project, they will be listed in the "Users" section with an "Information" icon (indicating the pending status). Once the user has accepted your invitation, the "Information" icon will no longer be displayed and you will see the user contact details instead.

Resend invites

To resend invite to a project workspace, click the quick action menu at the user with pending invitation and choose Resend invitation from the dropdown list.

Tip: The link in the mail invite is valid for 7 days. After this time, or if the user has misplaced the original email, you can resend an invite.

Deactivate or reactivate users

You can deactivate access to a project workspace for selected users temporally, but still keep them linked to the workspace.

To deactivate a user, click the action menu at the user that you would like to deactivate and choose Deactivate from the dropdown list.

To reactivate a deactivated user, click the action menu at the user that you would like to reactivate and choose Activate from the dropdown list.

Note: Deactivated users will no longer have access to the project workspace, will not receive email notifications and will not be able to send or receive emails through the group email addresses.

Approve or reject user requests to join

Other EMDESK users accessing any project URL cannot enter the workspace and will see an error page with a button "Request project access". By clicking this button users can send a request to join the project. These requests are listed in the "Users" section, marked with an "Information" icon on their name.

To approve a user's access request, click the action menu at the user with pending request and choose Approve from the dropdown list.

To reject a user's access request, click the action menu at the user with pending request and choose Reject and Remove from the dropdown list.

  • External users requesting project access will have no access until it is approved. 
  • The user will receive an email notification of the action you took in response to their request.
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