How to delete users and guests

When you delete users from a project workspace, they will no longer have access to it. However, their input, actions, and logs until the moment they were deleted will be retained.

  • To delete a user or a guest user you must have at least Manage access rights to the "Users" section (see "Roles, access levels, and access rights"). 
  • Also, take into account that: a workspace owner cannot be deleted, the last project admin cannot be deleted, a user cannot delete or deactivate itself.
Note: As soon as you delete a user, you cannot undo this action – the user must be invited again as a new user and accept your invite to re-gain project access; the guest user must be granted access to the project again.

Follow the instructions below on how to delete a user or a guest user.


Click Users in Home menu, this will open the "Users" section.


Go to the "Users" or "Guests" tab, hover over the user you want to delete, click the action menu on the right, and choose Remove from the dropdown list.


Click Yes in the appeared window. 

Note: There is also an option to deactivate a user and a guest user, read here how to do this.
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