Attach documents or EMDocs to an item

Note: To attach documents and EMDocs to an item, you must have at least Read access rights to the item and Edit access rights to the "Documents" section (see "Roles, access levels, and access rights").

You can upload and link documents and EMDocs to work items in your work space. This makes it easier to find all documents linked to a specific work item and organize them according to their affiliation with specific elements. The documents are stored and organised in the "Documents" section. 

The option to attach or link documents and EMDocs is available for the following work item types:

  • Activities
  • Events, e.g. deliverables or milestones
  • Participants
  • Budget
  • Expenses

Follow the instructions below on how to attach a document or an EMDoc to an item.


Open the item's sidebar by clicking it once.


Select the "Documents" tab.


Click +Attach Documents at the bottom of the sidebar, this will open the document directory.


If the document is already stored in the "Documents" section, browse the folder structure, hover over the document and click  Select.

Tip: You can also attach multiple documents at once by checking the boxes by each file and then clicking Select in the upper right corner.

Note: If a document you want to attach is not yet in the document directory, upload the document first or create the new EMDoc.

The document directory is closed and you return to the sidebar of the item. The document is attached to the item. Attached documents appear in chronological order, the new ones at the top.

Remove attached documents from a work item

To delete an attachment from an item, open the item's sidebar by clicking it once. Then hover over the document and click X.

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