Working with tasks

All tasks in a workspace are organised into task lists and can be managed in the "Tasks" section accessible in Home menu.

Note: By default, all tasks located in the "Tasks" section are visible to all workspace users, regardless of their access levels and rights. To restrict access to tasks, consider creating private task lists.

The "Tasks" section provides an overview of tasks assigned to all users in a workspace (except tasks located in private lists). To switch the overview to see only tasks assigned to you, turn the "My Tasks" toggle on. To search for certain tasks, click Filter Options and apply a filter or a combination of filters.

To remove a filter, click X at the filter settings:

The "Tasks" section consists of three tabs:

  • Tasks - provides an overview of all task lists and tasks, here you can create and manage tasks and organise them into task lists:

  • Completed - provides an overview of all tasks with the status of "Completed" type (you can customise statuses and their types under the Customisation settings); to show "Completed" tasks in the "Tasks" tab, click the "Show completed tasks" toggle at the task list's bar on:

  • Trash - provides an overview of all tasks that were deleted; to restore a task from the trash, hover over it and click the "Restore" icon:

Moving tasks and task lists

To move a task list or task to a different position, simply hover over it, click the "Drag Handle" icon on the left, and drag and drop it to the new position:

Updating task statuses

To update the status of a task, simply click the square to the left of the task and choose a new status (you can customise statuses and colours under the Customisation settings):

Tip: You can also update the status of a task using its  sidebar by clicking the dropdown next to the status at the top right:

Note: Read further how to create and edit task lists, how to create and edit tasks, and how to delete tasks and task lists.

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