Duplicate Indirect Cost Rates

Indirect cost rates are managed at each participant in the "Participants" section.

Note: To duplicate indirect cost rates you must have the access rights to edit the participant and the current plan version must be in Edit mode (see "Roles, access levels, and access rights" and 'Manage project plan versions').

Follow the instructions below on how to duplicate indirect cost rates.


Click Participants in Home menu, this will open the "Participants" section.


Click on the participant which indirect cost rates you would like to duplicate or click on its "Edit" icon.


A sidebar for this participant will appear, select the "Financial Profile" tab. 


Then hover over the indirect cost rate that you wish to duplicate and click on the "Edit" icon. 


The indirect cost rate opens in a separate sidebar, click the action menu at the top right and choose Duplicate.   


The duplicated indirect cost rate appears in the financial profile of the participant:

Note: Read here how to create and manage indirect cost rates.
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