Share an EMDoc and collaborate with users in EMDocs

Note: To share an EMDoc, you must have at least  Read access rights to the "Documents" section and respective folder containing the document. To collaborate with other users in an EMDoc, you must have at least  Edit access rights to the "Documents" section and respective folder containing the document (see "Roles, access levels, and access rights").

In EMDocs you can work with multiple authors at the same time in the same document. All changes are immediately saved and visible for all the users working on the document.

Follow the instructions below on how to:

Working together in an EMDoc

Working together on a document in EMDocs is easy – anyone who has the  Edit access rights to the document opens it from the link or by double-clicking the EMDocs in the "Documents" section and starts writing. The latest updates from all contributors to the document are saved instantly and are visible to everyone who reads or works on the document.

An EMDoc is composed of headings and sections. 

Headings are used to structure the document (to learn how to create headlines, please read "Organise and structure an EMDoc"). 

Sections can be text blocks, tables, images or data-driven content (pre-built tables and charts that auto-update with the latest project workspace data). So, if you want to write a paragraph, insert a text block section into the EMDoc first. Or if you want to create a table, insert the table section into the EMDoc first. To learn how to create and edit sections, please read here.

Each section is marked with the blue outline, so you can easily see the beginning and the end of each section:

When you see an orange outline next to the section, it means that someone is working on this section. The profile picture (or initials) next to the orange outline indicate who is working in the section at the very moment. When someone is working in the section, the section is automatically blocked from being interfered by others. 

At the top of the EMDoc you can see all the users working on the document at the very moment. When a person is editing any section, an orange circle appears at his profile picture. To jump to the section the person is currently working on, click the profile image. 

Note: To start commenting a section, hover over it and click the "Discussion" icon. Read more about how to post and manage comments.

Sharing an EMDoc


Click  Documents in Home menu, this will open the "Documents" section (if needed, browse to the correct folder containing the EMDoc which you'd like to share).


Hover over the EMDoc and click the "EMDocs" icon (or simply double-click the EMDoc), this will open the EMDoc in a new browser tab.


Click the "Link" icon at the top, this will copy the document link to the clipboard. Paste the link wherever you want to share the EMDoc with other users. 

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