Browse contact details of users

In the "Contacts" section you'll be able to see all project users with contact details and profile pictures is an alphabetical order.

Tip: To update the contact information displayed here, update your "About Info" and "Profiles" in your user settings.
  • Working with contacts
  • Search and A-Z filter contacts
  • Mark contacts as favourite
  • Download contact information as vCard

Working with contacts

Go to the "Contacts" section, and all users in the project will display in an alphabetised list, with a contact card per contact:

Tip: Hover over a contact card to see full contact information. You'll also see groups, the user is member of.

Search and A-Z filter contacts

Use the "A-Z" bar on the far right, to find contacts by the letter their first name begins with or use the "Search" bar: 

Mark contacts as favourite

Make frequently contacted users as "Favourite" by selecting the "Star" icon by their name (or deselect to unmark as "Favourite"). Users marked as "Favourite" will display in the "Favourite" tab in the "Contacts" section.

Download contact information as vCard

To download a contact in the vCard format, hover over a contact and click the "Download" icon. A vCard file is downloaded and can be used for import/upload to other contact managers, e.g. Outlook.

  • All users can access the "Contacts" section and see contact details of all users.
  • Users' contact details are managed by the users themselves in their personal account and cannot be modified by Admin or Manager (see "Roles, access levels and access rights").
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