Finalize project items (lock) or unfinalize them

Note: You must be an Admin or a  Manager level user to finalize or unfinalize items (see "Roles, access levels, and access rights").

With the "Finalize" function you can prevent items from being further modified by users. All editing of the item is locked once the item is finalized. The editing can be unlocked at any time. This gives you the power to mark item by item as "Confirmed", "Accepeted" or "Approved" after reviewing it.

You can finalize (lock) the following items:

  • Activities (updates, budget & expenses remain editable for finalized activities)
  • Events (updates, budget & expenses remain editable for finalized events) 
  • Participants
  • Activity updates
  • Budget items
  • Expenses
  • Folders
  • Documents (new versions is also disabled)
  • EMDocs
Note: Discussions and attachments tabs stay editable for all finalized items. 

Finalize or unfinalize an item

To finalize an item, open it in the sidebar and click the padlock toggle at the top right.

To unfinalize an item, click the padlock toggle at the top right again.

  • You can finalize and unfinalize an item using the action menu at each element.
  • To finalize and unfinalize multiple items, use the mass-update function.
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