Manage reporting periods

Reports are defined by their reporting period, and help to analyze data, to report and to control the reporting process for defined time periods. Once you create reporting periods, they are displayed in other areas as options or filter, e.g. when reporting expenses per reporting period.

Create and edit reports (reporting periods)


Click Settings and then click General.


In the "Reports" section click +Add Report, this will open a sidebar. Or click the "Edit" icon for an existing report to update it.


In the sidebar you can define or update the report properties:

  • Name: Click the blue placeholder at the top and enter a name.
  • Description (optional): Enter or update the description.
  • Start and End: Define or update the time period for data lookup.
  • Click "Set period for reported data" (optional): To consider reported data that has been recorded outside a reporting period, you can define a separate period for the reported data by clicking "Set period for reported data". 

  • Due date: Set the due date.
Note: EMDESK processes plan and reported data within the defined period. Reported data entries, e.g. Activity Updates or Expenses, are identified by their reporting date.


Click Save Report at the bottom of the sidebar.

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