About workspace planning and workspace versions

With "Versions" you can create, manage, and store multiple versions of a workspace. Even while projects in a workspace are running, you can make both small adjustments and big changes to the workspace without affecting projects execution and reporting. The changes are not applied until the new plan version with the changes is activated. 

You are able to continuously adjust your workspace plan while previous plan versions are safely stored and can be recovered. You decide when to apply the new plan version as  baseline to the current projects execution and reporting.

Important: At no time report data is effected. When you create, activate, delete or switch versions, none of the report data is affected. Report data linked to a plan item (activity or participant) not present in the displayed version remains unmodified, but is displayed as unassigned data. 

How it works

EMDESK organises the plan data (separately from the report data) in a workspace plan version, and as such plan data contained can be copied, updated and deleted in versions. 

With the setup of a new workspace an initial version is created and active. When a new version is created, it is a complete copy of the current state of the last version and show in draft mode. 

You can only edit the last version. There you can update the plan data. As long as the modified version is not activated, the version is not displayed by default to other users.

Users can switch between viewing available versions for themselves. By default the active version is displayed to users. You can mark any version as active.

Note: Only the Admin and Manager level users can create, manage, and activate versions. Users can change the displayed version for themselves in their current session.

Versioned data

The following item types and their properties are included in workspace plan versions and are subject to versioning:

Projects Activities Events Budget records
ID ID Type Cost amount
Description Description ID Activity
Objectives Objectives Description Participant
Predecessors Predecessors Predecessors Cost Category
Lead Participant Lead Participant Lead Participant Cost Rate
Further Participant Further Participant Expected Date Set period
Activity Type Activity Type

Duration Start


The versioned properties are marked as following in an item sidebar:

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