Transfer workspace ownership

Note: To transfer a workspace ownership to another user, you must have the Admin access role in the workspace (see "Roles, access levels and access rights"). The new owner must be a user of the workspace.

This feature allows you to transfer the ownership of a workspace to another user in order to: 

  • move the workspace under another user's subscription
  • release the ownership as you want to delete your account

Follow the steps below to transfer the ownership of a workspace to another user.


Log in to EMDESK, click on Settings, then select General.


Scroll down until you see Workplace ownership and click Transfer ownership now.

Select the user from the dropdown you'd like to transfer ownership to and click Confirm. The new owner must be a user in the workspace and owning a subscription.

Note: With Confirm the selected user immediately becomes the new owner, while the current user loses the ownership. This action is not reversible by yourself, however, the new owner can transfer the ownership back to you.

Next step: To update the billing information, please read "Invoice and billing information".

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