Deleting workspace


  • Deleting a workspace deletes it for everyone. You should delete only those workspaces that you are sure no one wants to keep.
  • It is possible to request workspace recovery within 30 days after deleting by contacting us. After that period your workspace will be deleted irreversibly.

Note: Only the workspace owner can delete a workspace.

Follow the instructions below on how to close and delete a workspace.


If you are the workspace owner, go to the step 2. To find out who is the owner of a workspace, go to the "Users" section in Home menu and find a user with the "Crown" icon, this is the owner of the workspace. 


As the workspace owner, you will now need to head to the Settings > General, and scroll to the bottom of the screen. There you will find the option to click the "Delete Workspace" button.


Once you have clicked the "Delete Workspace" button, EMDESK will confirm with you if you are sure that you would like to delete the workspace. Click Yes. A final confirmation needs to be done, where you will need to enter the word "DELETE" to confirm the final deletion.


After you have typed "DELETE" and clicked the "DELETE NOW" button, you will need to finalise this action by entering your password. Your access will be revoked where you will then need to either, logout, switch to another project, or create a new workspace.

Note: Read here how to create a new workspace. 

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