Deleting workspace

Note: Deleting a workspace deletes it for everyone. You should request the deletion only of those workspaces that you are sure no one wants to keep.
Note: Only the workspace owner can request the deletion of a workspace.

Follow the instructions below on how to close and delete a workspace.


If you are the workspace owner, go to the step 2. To find out who is the owner of a workspace, go to the "Users" section in Home menu and find a user with the "Crown" icon, this is the owner of the workspace. 


As the workspace owner, make sure you are the only user in the workspace. If there are still other users, remove them from the workspace. Alternatively, ask our technical team to deactivate these users when requesting the deletion of the workspace.


As the workspace owner, send a workspace deletion request to technical support from the email address which is set as the primary address in your account.

Note: The workspace will be deleted within 60 days, until then you can request the workspace recovery.
Note: Read here how to create a new workspace. 
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