Organise and structure an EMDoc

Note: To edit an EMDoc, you must have at least Edit access rights to the "Documents" section and respective folder containing the document (see "Roles, access levels, and access rights").

An EMDoc is composed of headings and sections. 

Headings are used to structure the document. 

Sections can be text blocks, tables, images, and data-driven content (pre-built tables and charts that auto-update with the latest workspace data). So, if you want to write a paragraph, insert a text block section into the EMDoc first. Or if you want to create a table, insert the table section into the EMDoc first (to learn how to create and edit sections, please read here).

Follow the instructions below on how to structure an EMDoc:

Inserting / adding headings

To insert a new heading, move the mouse cursor over the area where you want to insert the heading. For example, above or below an existing section or between two existing sections. The insert buttons will appear, click Headline:

Inserting / adding subheadings

To add a subheading, first insert a headline (read above). Then indent the new heading with the right arrow that appear on the left side when you hover over the heading:

To lift a subheading one level higher, pull the heading out using the left arrow that appears on the left when you hover the mouse pointer over the heading.

Note: The headings are automatically numbered according to their current position and order. 

Shifting / moving headings and sections

You can move headings or sections up and down by hovering the mouse cursor over the heading or section and then using the "Up" and "Down" arrows on the left.

You can also cut headings or sections and paste them in another position by hovering the mouse cursor over the heading or section and clicking  Cut from the options menu. 

The cut out area is grayed out. To paste it in the other place, hover the mouse cursor over the area between the headings or sections where you want to paste it and click Paste on the left.

Removing / deleting headings and sections

To delete headings or sections, move the mouse cursor over the heading or section and click Delete in the options menu. The deleted heading or section will be removed. 

Tip: You can also use the BACKSPACE key to remove empty text blocks and headings. 

The structure of the document is automatically updated as you add, move and remove headings and subheadings, and is shown on the left side in the navigation pane. 

The navigation pane can be shown or hidden by clicking on the arrow at the top left of the window.

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