Generate yearly timesheets by participants and months

The "Analytics" section of EMDESK lets you configure a timesheet providing an overview of efforts for a selected participant or staff member per project, activities, and tasks.

Note: To access the timesheet view, you must have at least Read access rights to the "Resources" section, to one or more activities in the "Workplan" section, and to one or more participants in the "Participants" section (see "Roles, access levels, and access rights").

Follow the instructions below on how to get this overview.


Log into your EMDESK account and navigate to the "Analytics" section from your dashboard.


In the "Analytics" section, select the "Activities / Time" report.


To generate the timesheet for a specific participant, click the "Add filter" buttom in the top right corner.


A new dialog window will appear, select the required participant from the dropdown list and click Apply.


Within the "Activities / Time" report, scroll down to the "Resources" table and click the "View Setting" button.


A new dialog window will appear, uncheck "Show Budget", choose "Person Month (PM)" as the resource unit, set the interval to "Calendar month", and click Apply.


The monthly overview of the tasks, efforts, and workspaces for the selected participant is ready. If needed, click the "Export" button at the top right corner to download the timesheet in excel.

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