Connect EMDESK with your Microsoft account

If you have a Microsoft business or institutional account you can connect it with your EMDESK account by following the next steps:


Login to EMDESK using your current EMDESK account and go to the Profile settings:


Scroll down to the "Profiles" section and click Connect with Microsoft.


A Microsoft browser window will open, pick the Microsoft account you'd like to connect with EMDESK and enter the password.


To connect the accounts, click Accept in the "Permissions requested" window.

To disconnect EMDESK and Microsoft accounts, take the following steps:


Go to the Profile settings as described above, click the "Edit" icon on the relevant profile and choose Disconnect Microsoft Account:


To disconnect the accounts, click  Disconnect now.

Note: As you disconnect EMDEK and Microsoft accounts, you will receive a new password for your EMDESK account to your email address. 
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