Using EMDocs templates

EMDocs templates are a repository of pre-built document templates that can be used to create new document with a specific structure and content. 

There are two types of templates – general ones, which are available in all project types, and specific ones, which depend on the project template you have chosen when creating a work space. For example, if you have chosen the "Collaborative Project" template for your workspace, you can see both the general templates and the templates available specifically for the Collaborative Project template.  

Note: To use EMDocs templates, you must have at least Edit access rights to the "Documents" section (see "Roles, access levels, and access rights").

Follow the instructions below on how to use EMDocs templates.


Click Documents in Home menu, this will open the "Documents" section. If needed, browse to the correct folder where you want to create the new document using EMDocs templates.


Click + EMDoc at the bottom, this will open the template directory. 


In the template directory, choose one of the templates, and click Create Document.


The new EMDoc is created based on the chosen template with the structure and the content of this template. It is placed in the current folder of the "Documents" section and opened in the EMDocs editor in a new browser tab.

Note: Some browsers block the opening of a new tab. You might need to unblock it (see how e.g. Google Chrome).

Tip: Once an EMDoc is created, it is shown in the "Documents" section. To open it, double-click it (or hover over it and click the "EMDocs" icon). To open its properties in the sidebar, click it once.
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