Manage 'Language & Region' settings

In 'Language & Region' section on 'User Settings' page you can configure your local settings, including time format, date format, number format, language, and time zone.

Note: The changes you make here will only affect your account. 

Follow the instructions below on how to set 'Language & Region' configurations.


Click on your user profile photo / initials at the top right and then click Profile. This will open the 'User Settings' page.


Scroll down to the 'Language & Region settings' section and update your preferences:

  • Time Format: Select between 24-hour or 12-hour clock;
  • Date Format: Select your preferred date format;
  • Number Format: Select your preferred number format;
  • Language: Choose between English or German languages.

The projects timezones are set by the Admins or Managers in the project settings.


Click Save Changes to apply your changes.

Note: Read more about User Settings.
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