Share documents or folders with public links

Note: To share a document or a folder, you must have at least read access rights to it (see 'Roles, access levels, and access rights').

With public links you can share documents and folders stored in EMDESK with non-EMDESK users. Simply share the link in an email, post it on a blog, or embed the document/folder into your project website.

A public link is a URL straight to any document/folder stored in 'Documents' section of your project, which can be shared publicly. Anyone who has the link can then access the document/folder. No login is required. The public link points only to the document/folder and there is no risk of access to any other information in EMDESK.

Follow the instructions below on how to share a document or a folder.


Click Documents in Home menu, this will open 'Documents' section.


Click the document/folder once to open a sidebar, or hover over it and click the small arrow on the right and then choose Properties, this will also open a sidebar.


Scroll down in the sidebar, next to 'Direkt Link' click  Copy Link and simply share this link with anyone you want.

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